We know what'll get you your dream job!

Practice! With Skill Prodigy, you will get access to interview questions, across multiple categories and you will be supported by acclaimed industry experts and mentors.


How Skill Prodigy helps you

Skill Prodigy is an android app that makes interview practice habitual. We believe the more you practice speaking, and answering questions, the better prepared you are. Pair that with the acclaimed mentors we have on the platform, and, you have your recipe for success!


Watch and learn from your peers and get mentored by elite trainers

Mentorship is one key to succeeding in your interviews. With constant practice, learn how to be more confident, show courage and compliment your abilities.


Participate in competitions, earn points for discounts and make learning fun

Learn with your friends or new people you meet on the platform. When everyone brings their best, everyone achieves more.


Here's why more practice equals better results

Preparation and practice, work hand in hand. Especially when your dream job is just one interview away. Conquer your fears and make dreams a living reality.

Importance of goal setting

Get the role that you are passionate about. Aim high, achieve higher.

  • Give yourself a target number of questions you wish to hear/watch.

  • Once done, start practising with stability. We would advice you to not stop till you have reached that number.

  • We have seen success when individuals set realistic goals. Anywhere from 3-6 a day is recommended.

Practice trumps perfection

Interviewing with confidence is an art, not science. Convince your interviewer with confidence.

  • Voice modulation plays a big part in interviews. Maintaining a stable, consistent tone conveys confidence.

  • Speaking slowly with perfectly timed gaps, displays you’re putting thought into your answer.

Learn from the mentors

We tell you who the leaders are when you click on the person s profile.

  • Our mentors have mastered the art, follow and learn from them. We have got you covered.

  • There is nothing called imitation on this platform, we encourage open sharing and community feedback.


We know what the secret sauce to your success is

Give us a crack and let us know what you think. Your feedback is important and helps us improve.


Simple yet functional, this is our mantra

Get access to qualified mentors, huge database of interview questions, connect with and learn from others – all at your fingertips.

Download app and register

Find us on Google Play Store. Download the app and register or try us a guest user – all for free.

Browse topics & answer interview questions

Get interview ready with access to hundreds of potential interview questions. Practice and learn at your own pace.

Participate in competitions

Take part in competitions, get on the leader board and earn discounts on our training packages. Invite your friends and learn together.

Get evaluated from peers & mentors

See what your peers and mentors have to say about your answer. Help others improve as you start to become an expert.

Learn & grow

Access multiple training packages based on your needs. Get trained by mentors who are experts in this field.


We come from different fields of work but share a common goal - to help you crack interviews

Our success lies within your successes. Here's the Skill Prodigy team who is behind the product that makes you attain your dream job. With over 30+ years of compiled experience in this field, we are building the next must-have phone app, just for you.


Business enquiries, product-based feedback or general enquiries - we are all ears.

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