Beyond behavioural and technical proficiency

Posted On June 5,2019

They say, “hiring is guessing, firing is knowing”. Sounds harsh right? I tend to agree with it. Though, I don’t have any control on the “firing” aspect, I sure can help you convert the “guessing” aspect to a “certainty” in the mind of the hiring manager, that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

This blog focuses on a certain area of the interview process that almost goes unnoticed. In fact most of the candidates I speak to have not even heard of it. The term is “The Airport Test”.

What is the Airport Test?
The airport test is simply a question a hiring manager asks himself or herself after / during an interview. It is something along these lines, “Would I want to be stuck in the airport with this person?”

Why is it important?
There can only be so many behavioural questions. Moreover, most of the answers sound rehearsed and clichéd. They don’t tell the interviewer much about your soft skills, ability to work in a team and if he/she can spend 8 – 10 hours a day with you. Here, the airport test provides another avenue for the interviewer to know you better as a person. Can you fit into the company culture? Work with the team? 

How to tackle the Airport Test? 

1. Do not avoid small talk: Small talk is an informal conversation on a non-controversial topic. I cannot state the importance of small talk enough. It is the perfect ice breaker and puts both the interviewer and interviewee at ease. A simple “How was your weekend?” or “How has your week been?” is a good lead into a bit of chit chat before the formal questioning starts. The ongoing cricket world cup tops my list of personal favourites. Keep it simple and let the conversation take its own course. 

2. Keep it professional: There is a thin line between being slightly informal and being too casual during the small talk. Topics such as religion – your belief towards one and politics – your opinions towards a particular party, should be avoided at all costs. Try and get to know the interviewer, he/she is doing the same, but don’t push it too far. An awkward silence is enough to draw curtains on your chances of getting the job.
It is completely normal to feel uncomfortable on the first few occasions if you’re not used to small talk or striking conversations with strangers. That said, this can be real fun once you get the hang of it. 

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