Brand vs Job Title vs Salary – What’s your pick?

Posted On August 14,2019

There will be times in your career when you will have to decide a path you want to go down. And that path is not right or wrong but will determine the building blocks of your career, the legacy you build and ultimately where you finish. The path is choosing between Brand, Job Title and Salary.

There is a fourth attribute in the list which I touch upon later in the blog, hope the more experienced readers can figure out by now what I am referring to. Here is my take based on my 14+ year career span.

Note: These are solely my views.

A. Brand:
1. Work for a decent brand name at the start of your career. This will give you immense exposure to global clients, good mentors and more importantly an understanding on how different functions in an organisation tie together i.e. Sales, Delivery, Technology and Finance etc.
2. You will at most times have a clear career path and get involved in some exciting projects including overseas assignments – something that all of us dream of when we enter the workforce
3. The flip side with large organisations is that everything has a process and things take time. Not to mention the politics that comes as part of the package working for a monolith. But then this is a learning as well.

B. Job Title:
1. Now this is always a topic of debate, the question is does it really matter? May be it does but what are you benchmarking it against? VP in a startup or VP in a Fortune 500? Big fish in a small pond or small fish in an ocean? To be honest it does not really matter and this is where the fourth attribute comes into play. It comes down to the Role
2. Whether it is a 9am – 5pm job or 14 hour days, you need be to content with what you’re doing. Being content in a job is an amalgamation of opportunities to learn, think critically and be challenged. Time then flies and you transition from a ‘job’ mindset to a ‘career’ mindset
3. Stop chasing job titles, in fact use all your energy to find out what the role entails. If it is a 100% fit don’t go for it – you will be bored from day one. Go for a role that has unknowns, this will keep you out of your comfort zone and this is where you will learn.

C. Salary:
1. If you plan A & B properly, C will follow. You will be able to demand a number at the back of your tool-kit as a well-rounded individual.
2. It is important to have a long term view and not sacrifice your aspirations in return for some extra bucks in your pay cheque. I do understand that your personal situation may move salary to the #1 spot and that’s fine. Keep the end in mind.
3. There will be times when you will have to make a lateral move, the money will stay the same but the role will act as a catalyst in your career graph. If this time ever comes – go for it!
To summarise, it is important not to succumb to pressure from family, friends or peers. Do not compare yourself to others, remember – it wasn’t a level playing field when you started. Create your own path and be courageous enough to walk it on your own.

We are always with you in your journey.

Author – Ritu Raj Das, Co-Founder Skill Prodigy

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