A Secret to Capture the Recruiter’s Attention by Highlighting Your Achievements (Number is the Game!)

Posted On January 1,2020

Can your education, work experience or skills and strengths set you apart from others when a recruiter is screening the job applications.

If your answer is yes, you might be thinking wrong!

We are living in a world of cutthroat competition where everyone is sailing in the same boat. For a job position, a recruiter gets uncountable resumes with the same job experience, qualification and skill set. 

What drives him to show interest in a job application and call a candidate for an interview?

“Key Performance metrics and recognitions”

If you can show your accomplishments in a convincing manner, you increase your selection chances.

But, what makes an accomplishment an impressive accomplishment? - Numbers attached to them.

Even while answering questions like “Tell me about yourself”, “Why should we hire you?” or “What makes you a best for this role?”, instead of highlighting achievements, describing quantified achievements can add more weightage to your candidature.

Highlighting the accomplishments is an art! Let’s dive deeper to understand how to master this art and convert your next interview into a memorable one -

  • Align your achievements to the relevant job/ education experience: Instead of highlighting your achievements or recognitions separately in a CV, write them below the relevant experience in the job/ education section. It helps a recruiter to understand your career graph and improved performance alongside it.
  • Quantify the achievements - Everyone loves seeing numbers among a plethora of words. When you attach numbers to your achievements and recognitions, they become more impactful. Instead of writing “helped the startup scale up”, you could say “helped the startup scale up by 235% from the last FY)”.
  • Use PAR formula to explain result-oriented impact - PAR Method (Problem, Action, and Result) helps you showcase the problem, your action towards it and the consequential result. If you can explain an accomplishment using the PAR method, you can convince a recruiter that you’ll be a good fit to resolve any such issues arising in their organisation as well. 

Many times, the way of presentation becomes a crucial factor in succeeding or failing in an interview. Especially when you have secured those accomplishments, you wouldn’t want them to go unnoticed!

If the achievement is the king, the quantified achievement is the queen. And, the lady rules the house! 

So, while preparing for your next interview, don’t forget to work upon these tips. For any assistance, we’re just a mail away. Reach us at contact@skillprodigy.com

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