Study And Visualise A Job Description Instead Of Reading It To Succeed In An Interview!

Posted On January 5,2020

Rahul was always intrigued by marketers, their approach in building campaigns, and the role of marketing in a company’s growth.

He would be eager to send a resume for the marketing position in any company. However, he did not receive even a single interview call. 

Rahul re-worded his resume to highlight achievements and previous work experience, but success was far away.

Why? - Rahul would always skip the job description and jump directly on the job application form. It hurt his chances as every job position had some specific requirements listed in the job description which he failed to highlight smartly in his resume. 

Job description not only informs you about the roles and responsibilities of a position in a company but also lists out the eligibility criteria or prerequisites required for the job. 

Our today’s blog explains how reading a job description carefully can help you before and during the interview:

  • Helps you get passed the filters of Application Tracking System (ATS) - Companies use the Application Tracking System (ATS) to conduct an automatic initial screening of job applications. ATS searches for specific words in a resume. If it finds those words, it processes the application for the next round, otherwise rejects it. 

If you don’t want a bot to reject your CV, include specific keywords from the job description in your resume, especially in the professional and educational experience, skills and achievements section. 

  • Proves you are serious about the job - If a job description has listed some specific requirements, there are likely chances that the interviewer will ask a few questions related to it. 

Reading a job description carefully in advance will make sure that you don’t go blank suddenly.

  • Helps you in answering tricky questions skillfully - Interviewers ask some tricky questions like “Tell us about yourself?”, “Why do you want to work with us?”, “If you get a better chance than our company, will you leave?” etc. to test your mental ability.

If you read the job description well in advance, you can describe your unique selling propositions and align them with the requirements listed in the job description.

For example, if a job description requires a candidate to have strong networking skills, you can describe how you attend in-person events to build new professional relationships.

Travis Bradberry says, “Get to know the job intimately that you're applying for. Don't just read the job description - study it and picture yourself performing every task required of you.”

Do your homework before appearing for an interview - Study and analyse the job description carefully. You will be more confident while sitting in front of the interviewer.

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