Interview For A Startup Job: Know These Amazing Questions That Every Startup Founder Asks

Posted On January 7,2020

The interview process in a startup does not differ from a well-established company - until you dive deep.

When you observe closely, startup founders (generally, they are the recruiters as well) focus more on attitude and approach, apart from testing technical and communication skills. 

The startup world is disorganised, fast-moving, and rapidly-changing. Hence, founders need those people in their team who learn quickly, are not scared to make mistakes, and fit well into their organisation. 

Our today’s blog throws some light on common interview questions that the startup founders ask - 

Do you know our company’s concerns and drawbacks?

Let’s be honest; not a single company is perfect in this world. Every organisation has certain challenges and flaws. By asking this question, the founder wants to check if you’ve done adequate research about their company and the competitors. You must already be aware of the flaws. If you still want to join the company and make a valuable contribution, you will play a pivotal role in the long term.

We don’t have fixed working hours. Will you be able to cope up with never-ending work?

You can’t expect a 9-to-5 job while working with a startup - everyone knows it. 

But, the founder still asks this question to test your determination and mindset. If you answer a straightforward “yes”, you are inviting unwanted troubles once you join the company.

You should show your determination subtly, but also specify that you plan the work well-in-advance, so it finishes on time. Founders love those people who maintain to-do lists or memos to keep track of their work. 

What are some books or articles that everyone in the team should read?

“If you are curious, there is always something new to be discovered in the backdrop of your daily life”. 

Even if this question doesn’t evaluate you on technical or communication skills, it plays a crucial role. Why? - It describes your curiosity and eagerness to learn new things and upgrade your knowledge.

If you don’t read any books or articles or can’t recommend one during the interview, it shows that you are not willing to learn new things. Startups say a big “NO” to people who are not looking to learn something new every day. 

Are you looking to begin your own startup soon?

If a candidate is looking to begin their own startup in the future, they might leave the company at some point. But, as long as they serve, the company will get benefited from their positive attitude, out-of-the-box thinking and ignited entrepreneurial drive. 

You can tell an idea you’ve been working on or a side-hustle you’re passionate about. Don’t worry, startup owners like working with those people who are eager to commence their entrepreneurial journey in the future. 

While answering these questions, you should have an energetic smile, confident body language and soft-yet-determined tone of voice. If you prepare them well in advance, you might get over the line without fumbling or showing nervousness. That’s what matters!

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