How To Answer The Questions Related To Previous Instances Of Handling An Angry Client?

Posted On January 8,2020

On a normal working day, Ayushi is working in her cabin - writing and replying to the emails constantly. Suddenly, the receptionist informs that a client has come to meet her - and he is enraged.

The company has failed to deliver a project on time which has annoyed the client. 

Ayushi greets him politely with a soft smile on her face. She asks him to sit and detail down his concerns, but the client bursts out at her. His anger spirals out of control, in spite of Ayushi’s courteous behaviour. 

She still maintains her composure and listens actively to the furious client.

Moments later, he gets calm, sits down, tells his concerns gently and asks for the reasons in delay. When the client goes back after half an hour, he is satisfied with the response and is eager to work again with the company once this project gets delivered. 

What would you do if you were in Ayushi’s place?

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” 

Listening patiently to irate or angry customers is a skill that only a few people are born with. When a customer confronts a person, their inner strength can destabilise quickly.

But, if you know the incredible skill of handling the angriest customers without upsetting them, you will be loved by one and all inside the company. 

That’s why the interviewers often ask, “You have delayed in submitting the project, which has made the client angry. How will you handle the situation?” or “How would you handle an angry customer?”. 

Our today’s blog explains how to answer this question during the interview masterfully - 

  • Demonstrate your listening skills - Angry clients want to vent their anger. If you can listen patiently before responding, you can ease down the situation promptly. Show your listening skills during the interview, as well. Hear your interviewer out while maintaining a soft eye contact before answering.

  • Explain scenarios from the past work experience - If you have handled an annoyed customer in the past, explain your entire approach. Tell how did you:
    • Communicate with the customer, 
    • Listen to their problems and concerns and acknowledged,
    • Present a feasible solution to those problems,
    • Take the necessary action, and,
    • Follow up with the client to make sure he is happy and satisfied with the services.

  • Convey your anger management and assertive skills - Sometimes, the situation may go out of control if the client starts verbally abusing you or your team. But, you still have to control your anger and not respond negatively to the client.

At the same time, you should know the limits of tolerance beyond which you will not be scared to escalate the matter. If you show your anger management and assertive skills, the interviewer will consider you a good fit for front line roles also.

“If you don’t take care of unhappy customers, your competitors will.” A company can’t afford to lose its valuable customers. Employees who are an integral part of the company should and must know how to tackle the annoyed customers. 

So, if you know the art of cooling down the angry clients, get ready to increase your scoring points during an interview. 

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