The Art of Appearances

Posted On April 10,2019

How often have you felt that you weren’t being taken seriously in an interview, or that the interviewer wasn’t giving due importance to your exceptional skills and knowledge?
It may have made you wonder if you were a misfit for the role except that you knew you matched the criteria to a T. And despite all your skills, knowledge, and experience, you were unsuccessful at a job interview.
You may have wondered for days, replaying the interview in your mind, ticking off each thing you did well as a positive and still drew a blank as to what you did wrong.
Well, all you need to do is look in the mirror. The mirror doesn’t lie, right? And so it will tell you with brutal honesty, that the only thing you forgot to give due attention to is your appearance.
That’s right! Your personal grooming is an integral part of your persona and what you showcase to the world.
A sloppily dressed candidate will be the one to get rejected, even if they are the perfect match to the given job description and possess the required qualifications. Poor grooming is one of the most common causes candidates get rejected despite being a perfect fit for the company otherwise.
Being well dressed does not necessarily indicate that you have to be glamorously turned out. Good grooming, hygiene and presentability are all that it requires to be well dressed.
Here are a few tips to make you look good – 

• Outfit – Make sure your clothes are well fitting and comfortable. Clothes that are too loose or too tight may look fashionable but also unprofessional. Smart casuals and formals are an ideal choice for interviews. 

• Footwear – Wear appropriate shoes. That means no floaters or slippers. For women, open-toed sandals are okay, as long as they give a formal look. 

• Personal Grooming – This includes everything from your hands and nails to your hair and beard. Keep them clean and neat. For those with long hair, tying them up neatly is a good idea. Avoid eating foods which give off an odour, or if you can’t, carry a mouth freshner with you. 

• Take care of each aspect of your physical appearance and your prospective employer will know you’ve put in an effort to look your best. 

A good first impression is a lasting impression. Remember, to do well in an interview, it is important to look good and let your personality speak for itself. The rest your skills and expertise will do, and in no time, you’ll have the appointment letter in your hand.
Grooming is only one part of your personality when appearing for an interview. Here at Skill Prodigy, we’ll keep sharing more tips and tricks to communicate better and improve your interview skills.

Have you ever been unsuccessful at job interview because of poor grooming? What is the one grooming hack that’s always stood in good stead? Send us your comments, queries, and feedback at

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