The Candidate’s Code for Behaviour

Posted On April 30,2019

As part of an interview preparation, there’s a lot of work that needs to be put in. You ensure your certificates are all up to date. You check and recheck your attire. You revise your technical knowledge and prepare the answers to all possible interview questions. 

Good grooming and sound knowledge are important aspects of a candidate’s personality while appearing for an interview. But once you get in front of the interview panel, it’s a different ballgame. All the preparations may go for a toss if you don’t carry yourself well.

Attitude and Conduct are additional aspects of one’s behaviour that determine whether an interview panel should select a candidate or not.
So, what are the things one should bear in mind while sitting in front of the interview panels – 

• Positive Attitude
Carrying a positive attitude is vital. A negative or unreceptive candidate is sure to be rejected within the first five minutes even if the credentials look good on paper. No one wants to work with a whiny or arrogant colleague. 

• Sense of Humour
Being able to tackle difficult questions with a smile is a testimony to the candidate’s ability to keep calm under pressure and solve problems despite difficulties. Every company wants a candidate who can keep his wits about him. 

• Confidence and Being Self-aware
It is important to know your capabilities and that you can deliver what is expected of you. Accepting challenges and being able to overcome them is an art that few candidates can display in the short interaction of an interview duration. Be sure to project confidence but not over-confidence. There’s a thin line between being confident and cocky.

• Posture and Body Language
While Grooming is crucial to cracking an interview, a candidate who dresses well but does not sit properly will not be given the respect they deserve. Slouching, eating chewing gum, or dragging your feet on the floor are a strict no-no. 

• Greetings and Interactions
Your interview panel is the golden ticket to the job you want. They are the only people between you and the next step of career growth. It is vital that your behaviour and conduct is such that it casts a favourable impression on them. Greeting them when you enter the room, sitting only when invited to sit, and speaking only when it is your turn to speak are the few basic tips one must keep in mind. Being formal, restrained and respectful in your demeanour will ensure your interviewers will take an instant liking to you. 

Remember, when you’re sitting in front of an interview panel, the impression you want to give is that of a respectable, knowledgeable, confident and capable candidate who deserves the job he or she seeks. Dress and behave like the asset to the company you shall prove to be.
The panel is there to hire for the position advertised. Make sure you give enough reasons for them to pick you. And then there’ll be no reason for them not to!

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